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Fresh Ideas for Women's Ministry

Creative Plans and Programs That Really Work.

By Diana Davis, B&H, 2008. ISBN 978-0805447231.

Fresh Ideas for Womens Ministry

Fresh Ideas for Women's Ministry compiles Diana Davis' enthusiastic knowledge of church organization to help others with creating and sustaining a vibrant, outward-focused women's program.

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Fresh Ideas for Women's Ministry Excerpt - "Train Leaders"

Encourage leaders to become an expert in their ministry area. Gather printed materials, internet resources, and information about available training. Research available training from your denomination and other resources.

Our monthly or bimonthly leadership meetings usually lasted a half hour. We often met before LIGHT or at a restaurant for a lunch meeting. Each member of the Leadership Team brought a brief, often printed, report about her area. We used an agenda (SAMPLE XX). The primary leadership meeting will be the annual Marathon Planning Meeting, and the majority of other communication between officers may be done by email or phone.

Leadership Team Monthly Meeting Agenda

8:00 a.m. - Promotion Update - Promotion Coordinator
8:05 a.m. - Attendance report - Registration Coordinator
8:10 a.m. - Fellowship class report - Fellowship Class Coordinator
8:15 a.m. - Ministry Teams report - Ministry Team Coordinator
8:20 a.m. - Luncheon report - Luncheon Coordinator
8:25 a.m. - Update and prayer - Women’s Ministry Coordinator
8:30 a.m. - Dismiss - Women’s Ministry Coordinator

Expectations For Every Women’s Ministry Leader

___Membership and commitment to the church
___Growing relationship with God
___Faithful preparation for your duties
___Faithful attendance and early arrival at weekly women’s ministry
___Joyful collaboration with leaders
___Minimum of one-year commitment
___Recruit and train an assistant to help and substitute in your absence
___Participation in a ministry team
___Marathon Planning and leadership meetings (officers)


Fresh Ideas for Deacon Wives Endorsements

“Years ago Diana Davis was called personally to minister to women. Since that time, she has served effectively as the women’s ministry leader of several churches while also serving alongside her husband Steve as a minister’s wife. It has been my privilege to witness those fresh, vibrant ministries first hand. Diana has fulfilled the purposes and challenges in this book to develop and maintain a fast-paced, well planned, purposeful, and top quality ministry to women. I can highly recommend this resource to women leaders and will include it as a textbook for our Women’s Ministry classes at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. What a blessing for women today to use their God-given gifts in ministry to women in the church and community! And, what an added blessing to have valuable resources such as this book to help us develop relevant ministries for women!”
- Rhonda H. Kelley, PhD
President’s Wife
Professor of Women’s Ministry
Director of Women’s Ministry Programs
New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
New Orleans LA

“Fresh Ideas for Women’s Ministry offers a fresh look at starting, revitalizing or supercharging today’s women’s ministry. Written from the perspective of one who has done it, Diana Davis offers a wealth of strategies and plans that any size church or ministry can benefit.”
- Terri Stovall, Ph.D.
Dean of Women’s Programs
Associate Professor of Women’s Ministries
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Fort Worth TX

“I love this book. I have read several resources for Women’s Ministry. Fresh Ideas for Women’s Ministry has the most complete models for Women’s Ministries I’ve ever seen. Diana’s personal experiences shed insight that will help any church develop a model that will succeed in a variety of settings and will encourage missions & ministry.”
- Cindy Goodwin, Director
Women’s Missions & Ministries
Florida Baptist Convention

“I love the book! The model is so well laid out. Whether a church wants to begin a women’s ministry or fine tune an existing one, Fresh Ideas for Women’s Ministry has the answers. Every church would be well-served to have a copy in its resource library. Our church has used this - It works!”
- Diane Fitzgerald, Women’s Coordinator
First Baptist Church, Griffith Indiana

“Diana Davis is a well-spring of marvelous insights in ministering to women and Fresh Ideas for Women’s Ministry is evidence of that. This book will provide women’s ministry leaders great help in shaping a ministry of quality and purpose. Read it and you will get excited by the possibilities.”
- Dr. Jim Witt
Associate Pastor, Missions and Assimilations
First Baptist Church of Garland TX

Diana’s book, with its “Get up and go!” attitude has a destination! That destination is to actually do what has been studied and planned. She invites us to join her in the celebration of the “doing of God’s word.”
- Patty Hankins
Wife of Louisiana Baptist Convention Executive Director

“Diana’s book not only offers fresh ideas that are practical and easy to implement, they are specific in getting women involved in the mission of God to reach the world beginning with their Jerusalem.”
- Jaye Copeland, State Convention of Baptists in Indiana
Childhood & WMU/Women’s Ministry
Indianapolis IN

“Light is one of the best programs I have seen and worked with for training women in the Bible and in ministry!!”
- Glad Martin
Former IMB Missionary to Thailand
Women’s Ministry Leadership Team,
First Baptist Church, Garland TX

L.I.G.H.T. is like the contagious JOY that Christa Kinde talks about in her book. It infects the life and heart of the ladies that walk through the doors of our church for L.I.G.H.T. each week.They stay excited about going out and touching people in our community and then they come back week after week to catch the JOY all over again. L.I.G.H.T. is the best thing that I have been a part of as a church member looking for a way to get excited about doing God’s work, and staying excited. Each week God takes control, and all the plans I have made just seem to spread apart and let the plans God had in mind take over, and by the time I leave our church each week I’m amazed at how much God is truly in conttol of our L.I.G.H.T. ministry. With God leading the way, the ladies of F.B.C. Garland and myself as L.I.G.H.T. Coordinator following His lead, we make a really good team.
Thank you Diana for the Heart you have for ladies ministries because the result of that Love is L.I.G.H.T. 
- Gail Gee
Women’s Ministry Coordinator
First Baptist Church of Garland TX

“Women’s ministry helped keep the focus off ME… and on to others as Christ would have it…”
- Karen Witherspoon
Women’s ministry participant, Singapore

“LIGHT reaches across the age barriers, uniting women of faith in ministry for blessing the participants as well as the ministries in which they participate!! Whether dividing sugar or assisting a client with clothing selection, the “Touch of the Master’s Hand is felt by those in need”!!
- Susan Boyd, Director of Benevolence Ministry
First Baptist Church, Garland TX

“This book is a treasure for any women’s ministry leader. It allows an intimidating job to become organized, fun and rewarding.”
- Sharon Butler, Women’s Ministry Planning Team
Blairsville GA

“Have your creative juices run dry? As a leader in women’s ministry I often need new ideas to keep things exciting and interesting. “Fresh Ideas for Women’s Ministry” does not disappoint! Diana Davis has packed this book with fun and practical suggestions that will breathe new life into your church’s women’s ministry programs. Make use of her vast experience to reach the women of your church and community!” 
- Kathy Howard, M.R.E. Minister of Adult Education & Author
Midland TX

“Diana Davis knows women’s ministry. It was my pleasure to watch her completely reinvigorate the ministry with women at First Baptist Church, Garland, Texas, where I served as an associate to Steve, her pastor husband. Diana is pioneer. Her ideas are not only fresh; they work!”
- David Francis
Director, Sunday School
LifeWay Church Resources
Nashville TN

“Diana Davis is a woman who brings the love of Christ into everything she does. You will love her fresh bouquet of ideas that will spruce up your women’s ministry.” 
- Jaye Martin
Women’s Evangelism Strategist, North American Mission Board, Atlanta GA
Director of Women’s Programs, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville KY

Reading this book is an experience that engaged my emotions, my mind, and my inner being. I laughed, I cried, I took notes, and I made plans of how to get this book into the hands of every Southern Baptist woman leader serving in Ohio because serving Jesus is at the heart of this design for women’s ministry. The practical ideas, pre-designed forms/checklists, and the priceless testimonies that saturate this work may be the answer to your prayers for God to work through both your Women On Mission and Women’s Ministry groups.”
- Cathy Pound
Women’s Missions and Ministries Resource Group Leader
State Convention of Baptists in Ohio