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About Diana Davis

So you like reading her "Fresh Ideas" columns and books, but you're wondering where she gets all those ideas for churches and Christian leaders. Here's the answer: LIFE!

Growing up in White Settlement, Texas, Diana was the oldest of four children. Her dad was a deacon and her mom was a Sunday School teacher, and they modeled joyful Christianity. She was just a girl, sitting in a revival church service, when she realized that her sin separated her from God. Diana was urgent about becoming a Christian, and talked with her parents that evening before bedtime. She prayed a personal prayer to ask God's forgiveness, and to give her life to Him, and her life was forever changed from that moment. Diana shares a cute story from that night:

"My sister and I were ready for bed, and mom and dad had come to tuck us in for the night. They knew I'd been thinking about becoming a Christian, and had even suggested that I might want to wait until I was a little older. I just couldn't wait, though! I knew I was a sinner, and had to ask God to forgive me and make me His child so I could spend eternity with Him in heaven. It was so meaningful. After I'd prayed with them, my little sister, Nancy, suddenly jerked the covers over her head, and whimpered, "G'bye, Diana." She thought I was leaving for heaven right then!"

Diana's acumen for fresh ideas was derived from parenting three great kids, living with a pastor (her husband, of course), serving in the local church, PTA committees, mission trips, and people-watching. As a student, she enjoyed the many opportunities her church offered teens to not only fellowship, but to serve God. She worked as Main Street Manager for the city of Garland TX, with the Texas Historical Commission, and honed her event-planning, vision-setting and people-gathering skills. As a young woman, she was a real estate broker, and learned the value of first impressions and marketing a great product. She organized and led a large women's ministry in two different churches, and implemented an effective "nearly-wed" class and young singles ministry in their church. She and her husband were church planters (University Baptist in San Antonio). They served as Pastor and wife in small and large churches, and those churches planted many other churches. And most recently, she's had opportunity to worship at hundreds of churches as she traveled with her husband, Steve, who serves as the Vice President of Southern Baptist Convention's North American Mission Board.

Through each age and stage of life, she's seen how God uses His church to impact lives and communities, and her writing and speaking remind the listener of the church's importance in God's Kingdom plan. Diana loves to challenge church leaders to stay "fresh" as they serve God.

Diana's newest book, Across the Street and Around the World, is co-written with her daughter, Autumn Wall. It offers a thousand ideas for your church or small group to get involved in missions projects.

Her other published books are packed full of usable ideas that could impact your church and Christian life. Her syndicated column, "Fresh Ideas," offers usable tips for churches and church leaders on a current topic each month. You'll find her columns in dozens of state Baptist papers, Baptist Press, Let's Worship Magazine, Rick Warren's Ministry Toolbox, Deacon Magazine and elsewhere, but you'll always find a common theme: ideas to creatively and joyfully serve our amazing God.

Since she's just an ordinary next-door-neighbor type, you'll find reading her books and articles are like sitting across the table with a friend for coffee. Her enthusiasm for serving our great God is contagious.

So where do all those ideas come from? In short, they come from life. She's "been there, done that," and she continues to be amazed at how God can use ordinary people to accomplish his extraordinary purposes.

Oh, and we must mention, she's a grandma! Now that should inspire even more new fresh ideas!

A brief bio for Diana can be found on the Speaking page.

Personal testimony

I was just a girl when I gave my life to Jesus as savior—best decision I ever made. I was raised in Fort Worth TX, the daughter of a Southern Baptist deacon, and my parents taught me to lean on God with every problem or need in life. I learned the joy of living with a confidence in God’s love and care for me. And I learned to love the church, the “bride of Christ.” Knowing Jesus, and having Him in my life has been the most important decision of my life.

I went to Dallas Baptist University, where I met my future husband, Steve. For the next three decades, we had the privilege of serving as Pastor and wife in growing Texas churches—a new church plant, a medium size church and a large church. What a thrill--really! We loved seeing God work in difficult circumstances to impact those communities and His followers. I especially enjoyed helping and leading in women’s ministry, Vacation Bible School, and nearly-wed and singles Sunday School. I also worked as Main Street Manager for Garland TX, and wrote occasionally for Christian publications.

I must say that motherhood has been a favorite piece of life for me, too. We now have three married young adult children and a new granddaughter. I adore each of my son- and daughters-in-law, and it’s awesome to see God at work in all their lives.

About ten years ago, God called Steve to serve as executive director for the Indiana Baptist Convention of churches, and we discovered an enormous mission field, right here in Midwestern America. I was able to complete my seminary degree while travelling extensively with Steve in our new state. After almost a decade, Steve then served a regional Vice President for Midwest states with Southern Baptist's North American Mission Board for two years, and now serves as the regional VP for southern states there.

As only God can orchestrate, He blessed me with writing and speaking opportunities when we moved to Indiana. My small “Fresh Ideas” article turned into a syndicated column, now printed in numerous statewide Baptist papers. Those morphed into a book, then another and another. I can’t tell you the joy of hearing regularly from pastors or church members who’ve been inspired to try something new to reach others for Christ.

I have found such joy in knowing Jesus and in serving Him. I think we Christians sometimes forget to notice what fun we’re having when we serve our great God. Yes, we’re busy with work and life and church and family, but every small ministry in His name has an eternal consequence. May I challenge you, as you skim through this website, to consider the joy God gives you personally as you serve Him today?

And I hope you’ll discover some “fresh ideas” to inspire you to even more joyful ministry. Keep on shining!